But everybody’s doing it

That’s the part that kills me. That everybody’s doing it. So many kids are enrolling in these private for-profit art schools and going into debt to the tune of $80-$120K for a bachelors degree that will place them in a job making up to $30K for the first few years. How many are defaulting on their loans? Too many. Ty brought that up - well, if I can’t pay I can’t pay. Yes, but that doesn’t make it right. At some point we need to make a fiscally responsible choice and change the tide, one person at a time. I asked him if he wanted to go through his adult life with the weight of something that huge hanging over his head, and the sick feeling grinding in his stomach. For years and years and years. Always having to swallow the dread. Everybody’s doing it. That doesn’t mean he has to, or I have to, or Chris has to.

The journey from high school to a life as a working artist does not have to happen on the same broken road everybody else is traveling. 

  1. fuiru said: This is shocking to me. I have a decent(ish) paying job, a teacher wife and no kids. I’m still struggling to pay off my student debt from over ten years ago, which is lower than one year’s tuition for him. It’s scary how normal debt is becoming.
  2. ashamedtosay said: I went to a liberal arts college for my BA, and an art school for my MFA. I got a better visual arts ed at the liberal arts college than undergrads at the art school got. My Mom and I had the same conversation when I considered art school for my BA.
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