We posted our oak armoir and coffee table for sale and had some dude reply that he wanted it and would send a cashier’s check. It arrived today (to Chris’ shop, not to the house) and the check was for $2200 more than we are selling the items. The check is signed by some doctor in Brooklyn, and the return address is some multi-million dollar for-sale house in Pacific Palisades, CA. The two phone numbers on the fed ex package are not legitimate numbers for anything. At this point we have no clue why we received this check at all, as the Craigslist dude’s name is nowhere on this package. Our friend the scammer has Chris’ cell #, so he calls today to ask if we received the check. Yes, he’s aware it’s for too much, his secretary made a mistake and sent out the money for the moving company to make the pickup and for the purchase all to us instead of in two checks. 

Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah. Shhhhuuuuuuuurrrrrrrre.

He then asked Chris to send back the difference today. Before we could even deposit the check. 


We’re trying to think of a clever reply to text back to this douchecanoe

No way this check is getting deposited in any account of ours. No way we’re stupid enough to send this ass clown a penny. But it just doesn’t feel like enough to ignore him. 

What I’m saying is I’m open to suggestions. 

  1. raiselm said: Send the check back to him with the word CANCEL written on it. End of story.
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    you have rumbled this scam with precision and guile…. tell them you will send ALL the money back (lie ofcourse) , and...
  3. making-stuff said: Call the police. Don’t say anything else to him and take screen shots of the text messages. Like schlovin said, it’s interstate wire fraud.
  4. eclaggs said: This same thing happened to me once.
  5. ashamedtosay said: The thing John said.
  6. scholvin said: The next call he gets should be from the FBI for engaging in interstate wire fraud. Call the cops.
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