A little help?



Robin’s going through some stuff and I thought it’d be great if we could help her out. Tumblr folks are known for stepping up when someone is in need so maybe if you are able, you could give her a hand. No pressure; no one’s keeping score.


PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP MY FRIEND. We see a lot of requests around here. Robin has been unemployed through no fault of her own for ages. Her mother died penniless leaving Robin to sort it out. Her ex gives no support for their daughter, and now her dog has a tumor and needs surgery.

There’s more, but how much can I say publicly? She’s in need, friends. I know she has helped so many of us. Please help her if you can so she can pay for Mellow’s surgery and still buy groceries.

P.S. Shut it, Robin.


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    Reblogging for the night crew.
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    Reblogging so people see, and so I can find it when I get paid Friday!
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    A while back Steve set up one of these to help me out in a similar situation—and all of you made it possible for me to...
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    Many hands make light work.
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    Give. I did.
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    Robin’s good people! She’s the best! Help if you can! More exclamation marks!!!!!
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    Robin is kind and darling and good! Let’s help her!!
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