My GPOYW would just be a photo of me trying not to throw up.

It’s probably a really good thing that Chris and I are four days into a 30 day alcohol-free thing that I’ve dubbed The Great Booze Snooze of 2012. 

The president and CEO of the bank that owns the lease on the cafe said he will not make the space available to us. He doesn’t believe that “a limited menu (vegetarian) is a winning combination in our community.” He also thinks we’re under-capitalized (could be true, but I think we were close damn enough) and that because it’s a startup with a built-in high failure rate, he can’t judge the level of commitment we will have after the excitement of starting wears off.

I guess he’s tired of seeing the space turnover. And he did mention someone else who wanted to gut the space and reconfigure it more logically on their own dime, which is a win-win for the bank, even if that business doesn’t make it. At least then they get some leasehold improvement out of the deal. 

I’m trying to find that thread inside that weaves all of the things that I know to be true together, but right now it feels as if some pompous overweight old white dude just yanked the thread out while telling me he knows more about food trends than I could possibly know, even though food is what I do for work almost every day. 

You know what? Fuck that guy. 

Time to figure out Plan B. 

  1. moonlitdirt said: That’s right, fuck that dude! Wherever this takes you, you’ve got it. Giving you heaps of love and encouragement.
  2. steelopus said: Ugh. Good luck.
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